Photo d'hybrides

General Listing

The General Listing includes all varieties for sale this year with the exception of the Non-Registered Cultivars.

We are no longer accepting postal orders for this year.

We left our General Listing on our Web site as a reference. The varieties are no longer available by mail, but several can be purchased during our Open Gardens at the end of July.

If you want to see a larger image of a cultivar, simply click on its thumbnail image. All the pictures were taken in our gardens.

Each plant sold consists of double fans or better of bloom-size daylilies.

More information about the abreviations and terms used in this listing is available under Reading the General Listing.
No photo available

Fabulous Black Pearl

(Salter/J 08) Tet SEV M 64cm (25in) 12.5cm (5in) light lavender with huge black purple eye and edge
No photo available


(Grace-Smith 05) Tet DOR EM 66cm (26in) 15cm (6in) dark rose/huge yellow eye and edge
No photo available

Far Fetched

(Stevens-Seawright 85) Tet DOR M 86cm (34in) 15cm (6in) orange/red eye, HBC, reblooms (Flaming Delight x Chicago Maid)
No photo available

Felicia Grace

(Grace-Smith 04) Tet SEV 66cm (26in) 14cm (5.5in) light peach/ruffled gold edge (Larry Grace x Sdlg.) HM 08
No photo available

Feliz Navidad

(Carpenter/J 06) Tet EV EM 66cm (26in) 15cm (6in) red/green throat (Sdlg. x Jay Farquhar) HM 10
No photo available


(Childs 75) Dip DOR M 76cm (30in) 18cm (7in) clear purple, UF HM 07
No photo available

Feng Shui Moment

(Hanson 03) Tet SEV M 66cm (26in) 12.5cm (5in) ivory/green throat, sculpting {Enchanted Elegance x [Anastasia x (Sdlg. x Phaedra)]}
No photo available

Feu sacré

(Gauthier 13) Tet SEV M 76cm (30in) 21.5cm (8.5in) orange with wide orangey red eye and small yellow throat with orange pattern, very bright colors, HBC (Outrageous x Primal Scream)
No photo available

Finlandia Gold (other photo)

(Savolainen 87) Tet DOR ML 76cm (30in) 16.5cm (6.5in) gold (Enna Sue Dean x Gold Fringe)
No photo available


(Santa Lucia 96) Tet DOR M 81cm (32in) 18cm (7in) brilliant red (Latin Passion x Tet Big Apple) HM 01
No photo available

Fires of Fuji

(Hudson/B 90) Tet SEV M 71cm (28in) 12.5cm (5in) red edged orange, double [(Palace Guard x Troika) x Palace Guard] HM 95
No photo available


(Krekler 79) Dip DOR EM 79cm (31in) 21cm (8.25in) red and orange blend, UF, HBC HM 09
No photo available


(Romine 79) Tet DOR M 61cm (24in) 15cm (6in) tangerine and red blend, HBC (Commandment x Paprika Velvet)
No photo available


(Species) Dip DOR E 71cm (28in) 12.5cm (5in) yellow self trumpet shaped
No photo available

Flin Flon

(Lagroix 10) Dip DOR ML 61cm (24in) 12.5cm (5in) peach and apricot blend, always double, repeat blooms (Fanciful Finery x Peach Magnolia)
No photo available

Fly Catcher (other photo)

(Miller 78) Dip DOR ML 102cm (40in) 19cm (7.5in) red/green throat, HBC (Sdlg. x Prairie Chief)
No photo available

Flying Carpet

(Moldovan 90) Tet DOR M 81cm (32in) 14.5cm (5.75in) rose/yellow throat, HBC [(Disraeli x Tachibana) x My Hope]
No photo available

Flying Trapeze

(Moldovan 05) Tet DOR M 91cm (36in) 16.5cm (6.5in) orange coral blend/yellow watermark, UF [(South Seas x Castledown) x One Last Dance] HM 09
No photo available

Fooled Me (other photo)

(Reilly-Hein 90) Tet DOR EM 76cm (30in) 14cm (5.5in) or/red eye and picotee HM 98 AM 01 SM05
No photo available

Forsyth Eye Catcher

(Lefever 93) Dip EV M 58cm (23in) 7cm (2.75in) bitone (lavender), HBC (Zen Meditation x Minikin)
No photo available

Forsyth Hearts Afire

(Lefever 93) Dip EV M 61cm (24in) 11.5cm (4.5in) pink/reddish eye, HBC (Ruffled Ivory x Siloam Gumdrop)
No photo available

Forsyth Lee Lefever

(Lefever 93) Tet DOR M 86cm (34in) 12.5cm (5in) orange pink/gold wire edge (Indonesia x Sdlg.)
No photo available

Forsyth Lemon Drop

(Lefever 86) Dip EV E-L 61cm (24in) 8.9cm (3.5in) yellow self, continuous blooms (Border Special x Bitsy) HM 93
No photo available

Frances Joiner (other photo)

(Joiner 88) Dip DOR M 61cm (24in) 14cm (5.5in) pink apricot blend, double HM 92 IMA 93 AM 95
No photo available

Francis of Assisi

(Moldovan 94) Tet SEV M 66cm (26in) 15cm (6in) burgundy/white halo and wire edge (Abba x Shaka Zulu) HM 99 AM 04
No photo available

Frankie's Fantasy (other photo)

(Mercer 92) Tet DOR EM 81cm (32in) 18cm (7in) purple spider (ratio 4.5:1) [(Chicago Blackout x Sdlg.) x Russian Rhapsody]
No photo available

Frans Hals

(Flory 55) Dip DOR ML 81cm (32in) 10.2cm (4in) bicolour (orange red and yellow) (Baggette x Cornell) HM 61
No photo available

Friar's Lantern

(Moldovan 91) Tet DOR EM 61cm (24in) 12.5cm (5in) royal purple (Strutter's Ball x Tet Grand Masterpiece)
No photo available

Frills and Fancies

(Joiner/J 96) Dip EV ML 71cm (28in) 12.5cm (5in) tiger lily orange blend, HBC
No photo available

Fruit défendu

(Gauthier 12) Tet SEV M 91cm (36in) 15cm (6in) pink with cerise eye and picotee, very striking look, many stems and 15 buds/scape [Rock Solid x (Eye Catching x Raspberry Beret)]
No photo available

Fuchsia Fashion

(Webster 88) Tet DOR M 71cm (28in) 23cm (9in) fuchsia rose (Galaxy Rose x Sdlg.)
No photo available

Full Moon Magic (other photo)

(Salter/E 96) Tet EV M 66cm (26in) 8.9cm (3.5in) peach pink/gold wire edge, HBC HM 99
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